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Tubidy Making A Profitable Media Site

It doesn’t matter if you want to post home videos or tutorials in any subject, the cost to publish them online can be high. High quality videos can consume a lot bandwidth, especially if they are of high quality. Over usage of bandwidth on one my video sites resulted in me being charged more than $400 and I had to stop publishing videos immediately. You should look at several factors when choosing a host for your videos: unlimited bandwidth, 100+Mpbs connection and price. Also, consider the permission to host videos.

Sites offer unlimited bandwidth on dedicated servers, which are servers that are reserved for one site only. However, the connection to the server could be 10 Mpbs or 20 Mbps, depending on what the server offers. My site suffered from slow performance and lost many customers when I switched to a dedicated server that had 10 Mpbs. My site receives over 2000 unique visitors per day, so bandwidth and speed are very important to me. Although hosting sites offer unlimited bandwidth plans, music and videos are not allowed due to overuse of bandwidth. Hosting sites cannot afford unlimited bandwidth, which would make it very expensive to operate their websites. Customers who don’t intend to make a site with video or music will be able to use “unlimited bandwidth”.

A host that provides a connection speed of 100 Mpbs and above should be considered by your company. A media site should have a minimum speed of 100 Mbs. This will increase the cost of hosting. Some hosts limit the speed of dedicated servers to those that allow videos and music. Usually, this means that you will pay $70 per month to host such media content Tubidy. You should consider dedicated servers if you have the money.

Before you sign up to host media content, you should speak with the host. Virtual servers are servers that host multiple sites. They have great speed and will delete, suspend or ban your site from their servers, if they feel your site is consuming too much bandwidth. It is difficult and expensive to create a media website. is a great hosting company that allows you host virtually any content. They currently offer unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth for $39.99 per month. This is an amazing deal. They hosted my websites and I have been with them since 2012. Although their support team isn’t the best, if your experience with web site building is good then you should be fine.

Two solutions were found through my experience that work for people who don’t have to worry about speed or bandwidth. and are now closed . YouTube requires that you upload your videos in mpg and avi formats. If you don’t have director’s access, your videos must be less than 100 MB and less than 10 minutes in length to be published. Directors on YouTube have no limitations in video size or length. You should apply to become a director. Since it’s completely free and risk-free, it’s a good idea to create your website first before applying for a director account.