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Casino Secrets – The Ultimate Strategy to Win in Casino Gambling

Let me share with you some casino secrets professional gamblers use when they go to the casinos.

Even though these strategies seem simple and logical, many amateur gamblers won’t be able to see the value. Casinos take full advantage of this phenomenon, causing many gamblers home empty-handed.

Casino Tips To Remember:-

1. What amount of money should you bring to the casino?

It is absurd to tell people that they should bring 5% of their bankroll to the casinos, especially if they are losing.

Let’s settle on 20%, shall we? If your home payroll is $2000, and you decide to bring 20% with you, it will come to $400. You guys and gals should not take so much from your paycheck that your children are starving and need your bread and butter money.

2. Don’t Keep Your Cash and Valuables Behind.

Start by putting away all credit cards, cash cards, atm cards, and other cards that you have the ability to withdraw money from. Your valuables should be left at home, too. Take 20% of your earnings and pay a fair amount for food and logging.

3. Use What You Have to Your Advantage – That 20%!

Here’s the reason for the 20% I requested. If you take with you, for example, 5% of your salary, it will be a terrible $100. This is if your salary exceeds $2000. It doesn’t make sense and won’t pay much for the long trip to the casino. At this point, I’m referring to the lowest amount you can take to the casino. You can reduce this 20% to 10% if you have more money ggplay.

Second, if your lose $100, most likely you will return home with a vengeful heart. This is what casinos want to extract from every gambler. They want your return with avenging hearts! This will make it clear that your brain will be flooded with the desire to win back $100. Then what? You can make a living!

Don’t panic! This is where every gambler loses their ability to reason and lets their emotions dictate their decisions. Don’t be vengeful! You are lucky to have lost $100, not $1000.

Therefore, 20% is sufficient to minimize any illogical reasoning that your heart may have. Do me a favor and forget all of your fantasies and emotions. Leave all of your hate and love behind. You are now ready to go to the casino with a rational mind.

4. Social Etiquette.

Dress smart when you visit the casino. Why? You will be too if you appear dull. Don’t overdress or appear as if your wealth is unlimited. You want to keep your head down, be smart and not make the casino management notice you. Smile at the dealer and other patrons. This makes the table more enjoyable and, in Chinese terms “fengshui”, improves the atmosphere. Don’t show emotion if you’re losing. It will only make you feel worse and not bring you more money.

5. Don’t be overwhelmed by the casino atmosphere!

Don’t be fooled by the neon lights and crowded atmosphere at certain areas of the casino. Do not rush to get there, as the casino ads will tell you. Instead, take a walk around the area and assess the surroundings. Don’t let your heart lead you to the jackpot or the roulette table if a beautiful young girl or sexy chick are looking at you. Be logical! Keep in mind that you are here to win big money! After that, the girls can always come later!

6. Learn Your Game

Before you start playing blackjack, learn basic strategies for playing the cards. If you arrive at the table with no game play, patrons will frown upon you and may even ask you to leave. Even though they don’t have the right, it creates a negative atmosphere. Don’t do it. First, learn your game. Buy a book. You can also search the internet. You can find tons of basic strategies and rules for casino games that you can use. They are all completely free!

7. Enjoy the game at the table.

When you go into a casino, don’t touch the first table! Look around. You want to find the table that has your minimum bet. Also, try to get it without any loud or crazy men or women. They can ruin the atmosphere!

The table with the most noise is the one that offers the best chance to win and play. Most likely, all the seats have been taken! You can now “hitch” a ride with your chips on the lucky player and watch your chips multiply exponentially. A good table will have players who stack up their chips well and are happy to chat with each other. The odds of the dealer losing are usually higher when players win. You will get lucky later, so take advantage of this opportunity! You are ready for the day when a good table is available. Your gambling game plan will be half-done!

8. Don’t be afraid to win when you win!

You will most likely get distracted by a great table and begin placing bigger bets. Do not! Don’t Don’t Don’t! To hold your chips, a jacket should have an inner pocket with a zip or button. You can also keep your wealth accumulation from being noticed by the rest of the crowd. You can now change your winning streak to cash, and, if you are able, send your money home with your chips! It’s easy to do this now!

All this is done to stop your heart racing. You might feel like you’re having a great time and want to crash on every table or jackpot. Do not do that! This is exactly what the casino wants you to believe! You will lose control of your wealth, thanks to the dazzling lights, pretty girls, loud jackpot sounds and cheering crowds. You should never go to the casino if you don’t have control.